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13 Cats Who Definitely Don't Regret Being Jerks

1. "Go away, dog. This is my house now."

Reddit: unducked

2. "Oh, sorry, did you need to USE that toilet paper?"

Reddit: mstrymxer

3. "I have to be real with you - nobody liked that plant."

Reddit: inflammatoryjustice

4. "This heat? This is MY heat."

Reddit: ThisIsNotCat

5. "I know I have the whole bed, but I'm MUCH comfier lying on your clean shirt."

Reddit: iceeiceekatiee

6. "No. I am the firstborn in this family."

Reddit: _emordnilaP

7. "Were you planning on eating these?"

Reddit: Jabjab345

8. "You're on a diet now, Human."

Reddit: Xray_Abby

9. "Nope, haven't seen the other cat."

Reddit: AGuyNamedE

10. "Oh, did you think this was YOUR bed? That's cute."

Reddit: sourcreamjunkie

Reddit: sourcreamjunkie

11. "Have fun cleaning that up, Human. Pretty sure it's my best one yet."

Reddit: skumpa

12. "Me?? What would I possibly do with a roll of toilet paper??"

Reddit: werdanny

13. "I'm sorry it's come to this, Human, but I'm stealing your car. Goodbye."

Reddit: mymaniamakesmefunny

It's a good thing you're so cute, cats.

Reddit: weighawesome

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