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13 Cats Who Can't Be Bothered To Move

Cats will move when they're READY to move, okay?

1. "No. No cooking tonight."

2. "Maybe you can have the pizza later."

3. "Oh, you need to work? That might be a problem ... "

4. "There will be no hand-washing today."

5. "I'm tired of listening to 'Jingle Bells.' I think I'll sit on it instead."

6. "Find another place to pee, Human."

7. "You can use these dinner rolls when I'm done with them."

8. " ... Well, if you needed to work on this paper, you should have thought of that before I laid on it."

9. "Printing? I think you should just write it by hand instead."

10. "Looks like you're staying home today!"

11. "You can wash your hair in the sink."

12. "I'm in the movie now. Get used to it."

13. "I don't know what you do on this thing, but you're gonna have to do it somewhere else."