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Cats Who Are Way Better At Being A Human Than You Are

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All cats probably think that they're smarter than us humans - and honestly, they're probably right. Cats aren't really sure why they're the ones treated like the pets. They could TOTALLY master this whole "being a human" thing. In fact, they already sort of have. Throughout every stage in our lives, cats are right beside us, beating us to all the milestones.

Cats were adorable and cuddly WAY before babies ever were ...

... and they've always looked cuter in baby contraptions, too.

While human babies were throwing their food around, cats could already eat with silverware ...

... and graduated to their "big kid beds" way before the human babies ever did.

They learned how to read first too. They just don't like to brag about it, like SOME people they know.

Cats were loud and angst-ridden way before the human teenagers claimed to have started that trend.

And you know how you still can't grow a mustache/beard/any kind of facial hair very well? Well ...

Cats have been getting kisses from other humans long before you were brave enough to ask.

They can rock a tie AND have it magically match their eyes - can you do that?

Actually, cats are just better at being classy dressers in general.

And of course, as much as humans love to call themselves couch potatoes ...

Cats are better at that, too.

Cats will rule the world. It's only a matter of time.