14 Cats Who Are WATCHING You

They're pretty much always up to something.

1. If you're ever walking along and you feel a pair of eyes on you ...

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2. ... It's probably a cat. Or two.

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3. Cats are adorable little creepers ...

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4. ... Although subtlety isn't always their strong suit.

Reddit: marukoshaku | Reddit: marukoshaku

5. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether those peeping eyes are cute - or devious.

Reddit: MyNameIsBryant | Reddit: MyNameIsBryant

6. It's sort of like having a spooky roommate ...

Reddit: thesonicreducer | Reddit: thesonicreducer

7. ... Who can somehow fit underneath the couch.

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8. Sometimes the cat stare is due to the fact that SOMEBODY'S hungry ...

Reddit: Annjirika | Reddit: Annjirika

9. ... And sometimes they just do it to weird you out.

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10. It's not always easy living with a master spy ...

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11. ... Although it definitely makes showers more, um, interesting.

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12. You'll always have someone judging you when you go to grab another cup of coffee.

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13. But you have to admit - there's something kind of nice about living with an evil genius ...

Reddit: Yoursistersrosebud | Reddit: Yoursistersrosebud

14. ... Because they're YOUR evil genius.

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