17 Cats Who Are Actually Hats

<p> <a href="http://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/1dzttx/cat_hat/">Reddit/NARDS21</a><span></span><br> </p>

Just in time for summer, these humans are modeling the latest in fashionable feline headwear.

1. A tortoiseshell cat-hat goes with every outfit.

2. Choose a smaller cat-hat for a casual occasion.

3. A tuxedo cat-hat adds a dash of class to any event.

4. Always stop to admire your cat-hat in a mirror whenever possible.

5. For proper fit, drape your cat-hat snugly around your ears.

6. The secret to pulling off any cat-hat is confidence.

7. Yes, you can wear a cat-hat to the office, too!

8. Try an asymmetrical cat-hat to add some interest.

9. Cat-hats add a fine flair to your facial hair, as well.

10. You'll be the center of every room with your tall, sophisticated cat-hat.

11. Remember: Cat-hats look great on everyone!

12. Accessorize your cat-hat with a smile, and you're golden.

13. Choose a serious cat-hat, and people will take you seriously.

14. A cozy cat-hat keeps you comfortable in style.

15. Black cat-hats: They're a classic for a reason.

16. Every hairstyle looks even better when topped with your favorite cat-hat.

17. Be proud. Your cat-hat is fabulous, and so are you!

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