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14 Cats Who Are Stealing Your Sh*t

Because cats have a hard time respecting property rights.

1. "This is mine now."

2. "Gimme it."

3. "Oh, good, here's that cookie I was looking for."

4. "I am usurping this food in the name of Cat."

5. "Hm. After much deliberation, I have decided that I will take this from you."

6. "Oh, thank you for bringing me this pizza crust offering, Human."

7. "Need this for my collection."

8. "I heard there were Doritos up here."

9. "You don't mind if I just help myself, do you?"

10. "Ding! Using magic, I just turned this into MY hamburger."

11. "Oh, I'm famished, thanks for making me a sammie."

12. "Aw, for me? You shouldn't have!"

13. "MINE."

14. "You don't need this edamame, Human. You can't appreciate it."

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