14 Cats Who Are Stealing Your Sh*t

Because cats have a hard time respecting property rights.

1. "This is mine now."

Reddit: llama_laughter

2. "Gimme it."

Reddit: Lou882

3. "Oh, good, here's that cookie I was looking for."


4. "I am usurping this food in the name of Cat."


5. "Hm. After much deliberation, I have decided that I will take this from you."

Reddit: thisbikeisatardis

6. "Oh, thank you for bringing me this pizza crust offering, Human."

Reddit: 5paz

7. "Need this for my collection."

Reddit: lfaust1124

8. "I heard there were Doritos up here."


9. "You don't mind if I just help myself, do you?"

Reddit: followthebunny

10. "Ding! Using magic, I just turned this into MY hamburger."

Reddit: lovethedaffodil

11. "Oh, I'm famished, thanks for making me a sammie."


12. "Aw, for me? You shouldn't have!"

Reddit: pointhwerp

13. "MINE."


14. "You don't need this edamame, Human. You can't appreciate it."

Reddit: Spare_Ribz