10 Cats Who Have Pretty Much Claimed These Dog Beds As Their Own

<p>Reddit: IndigenousStranger</p>
<p>Reddit: IndigenousStranger</p>

1. Oh, you wanted to sleep on your bed? Sorry. It's Cat's turn.

(Reddit: SebastianCannonball)

2. Try to not look so shocked at this audacious power play.

(Reddit: loverofmodernpoetry)

3. You can make a valiant attempt at reclaiming your bed, but the efforts will be futile.


4. Don't try to make sense of it. Just let the feline takeover happen.

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5. You can always take comfort in the fact that sleeping on the hard floor never goes out of style!

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6. The cat may flaunt his/her possession of your bed. It is best to take this in stride.


7. Just remember that it would be rude to ask such a tiny, fluffy pile of cuteness to move.

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8. Sometimes you just have to accept that you'll be waiting your turn for a while.

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9. You can always try to play it cool and make an attempt at using the cat's bed as your own.


10. And don't worry, your secret is safe: we won't tell anyone that you're actually intimidated by that tiny little cat.


Remember to take proper precautions when introducing your dog and cat, so as not to create stress for either animal!