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15 Cats Who Prefer To Stand, Thank You Very Much

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1. "I'm working on my paw-sture."

Reddit: Jenisaurus_Rex

2. "Um, WHAT did you just say about my mousey toy?"

Reddit: Suspicious_Canadian

3. "Whatsa matter, you've never seen a gentleman cat before?"

Reddit: PlumbumGus)

4. "Bow down, mouse peasants!"

Reddit: cerebral_monkey

5. "Wait ... did you just open a bag of chips??"

(Reddit: ihavearmsforthem

6. "Um, excuse me? I'm waiting here patiently for petting."


7. "I am the hero this city deserves."

Reddit: DuoSRX

8. "What was that noise?? My kitty senses are tingling!"

Reddit: DipShtick

9. "... Is this how you're supposed to do it, Human?"

(R) Reddit: chefwafflezs

10. "Ha! Hey, look at me, I'm like a Human! But furrier!"


11. "I am going to stand here indignantly until you come tuck me in."


12. "What is my purpose in life? Why am I here? Should I stop torturing the dog?"

Reddit: 3amz

13. "Yep, looks like the neighbors are being weird again."


14. "What do you MEAN these shoes won't fit my feet?"


15. "I'm standing here patiently. And there is no food. What's wrong with this picture."


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