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9 Cats Who Think That Snow Is Absolute Witchcraft

1. "Looks like I have a new item to add to my list of Hated Items."

(Reddit: TOMilf)

2. "Is this some sort of JOKE?!"

(Reddit: bhaze5)

3. "What the %^&$ is going on here, Human?"

(Reddit: fishbulb323)

4. "This must be fun for you. Taking my picture from INSIDE our warm, dry home."

(Reddit: Cactusy)

5. "Nope. I didn't have to go very far to discover that snow is terrible."

(Reddit: iloling)

6. "IT'S. ALL. OVER. ME."

(Reddit: SonicFrost)

7. "I do not trust this cold powder, but at least I am safe with my dear friend, Box."

(Reddit: nuhuh215)

8. "I think there must be some mistake, Human. The ground is suddenly made of cold."

(Reddit: ghostrider4450)

9. "Hey! Hey! How dare you fall on my face! Stop it, I say!"

(Reddit: Gwenhwyfar666)