17 Cats Who Know That The Sink REALLY Belongs To Them

1. "This is my sink bed. Wash your hands elsewhere."

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2. "What do you mean, you can 'see me'? This is my hiding hole!"

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3. "Water actually tastes better when it's falling right into your mouth."

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4. "This is my new clubhouse - you're gonna need a password to get in."

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5. "Welcome to my porcelain bowl of cuddles."

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6. "Don't even THINK about trying to do the dishes right now, Human."

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7. "If we weren't supposed to nap here, why do we fit so perfectly?"

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9. "Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to use my special throne?"

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11. "Check it out, I found this magical metal hole that's perfect for sitting!"

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12. "'Sink clogs' aren't my problem, Human."

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13. "This is my perch for deep-thinking and introspective thoughts."

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14. "Perfect! I can get a drink without ever having to move! This truly is the American Dream."

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15. "Sinks are the perfect size for group snuggles."

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16. " ... It's more comfortable than it looks."

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17. "This is my front-row seat for watching you get ready in the mornings."

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