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They All Want Just One Thing For Christmas

Compared to the often onerous demands made by young humans around this time of year, these cats seem easy to please.

"All I want for Christmas is someone to look past my age and love me for who I am," writes one cat, apparently, in the Blue Cross' Dear Santa campaign.

Another writes: "My Christmas wish is to find a lovely warm lap to sit on."

Cheap. Refreshingly non-materialistic. All they cost is compassion.

And, surely, we can spare them that.

After all, these forlorn felines have been through a lot. Abandoned, abused, thrown away, many left to fend for themselves.

They, too, are Christmas orphans.

So these notes were written by humans pretending to be cats. Is it any more preposterous than humans pretending to be a pot-bellied, rosy-cheeked native of the North Pole at your local shopping mall?

And isn't this gentle farce so much more meaningful?

Help the Blue Cross in its efforts to find homes for pets this holiday season by visiting its website.

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