31 Cats Recreate Photos From Their Kittenhood

"Two years later and they still cuddle together."

"On the first day of 6th grade, my brother got Mittens. Here they are, 17 years later."

"One year and one ruined chair later ... "

"My little rescue, three years later."

"Toby still loves his bed, four years later."

"This is Julio (45 days old, and now, 8 years later). He is the sweetest cat of the universe."

"Then and now."

"15 years later ... "

"Then and now - unbearably cute!"

"My cat and I, 17 years later."

"Link in the sink - then and now."

"Two years later, still his favorite spot."

"My cat, Kevin, then and now."

"Four years later, she still does this."

"Then and now, Sadie."

"Eighteen years later, happy birthday my cat!"

"My cats when they were a few months old compared to now, four years later."

"Me and Bill, 19 years later."

"My cat Sparta, then and now."

"Me and my bro, 12 years later."

"Our oldest cat, then and now."

"My cat and I, 10 years later."

"This guy was run over as a kitten and was not expected to live through the week. Two years later and he's still going strong. Meet Pancake."

"Almost two years later. We look different, but nothing has changed."

"My kitten has grown up so much."

"This is me and my 24-year-old cat. Then and now."


"Three years later, he doesn't fit in his favorite chair quite as well ... "

"The day I rescued him and one year later ... some things never change."

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