These Cats Are Obsessed With Q-Tips — And Will Do Anything To Find Them

"He goes mental when he sees them."

No one really knows what kind of cat they're getting from the shelter. Or what plots they devised from their cage while waiting to be unleashed upon their unsuspecting new family.

Huey started weird. And only got weirder.

Huey was adopted from the Annex Cat Rescue in Toronto. | Christy Dukitsch

When Christy Dukitsch took him home from a shelter in Toronto, Canada, in 2014, the first thing he did was deliver a resounding head butt to the woman's other cat, Lewis - an awkward introduction that would blossom into a lifelong bromance.

"He has been a brat since I got him, into everything," Dukitsch tells The Dodo. "We used to refer to him as the 'tiny terrorist.'"

But no one was ready for what Huey would do next.

Huey never met a box of cotton swabs he couldn't get into. | Christy Dukitsch

When he spotted a Q-tip lying around, the cat dragged it over to his water bowl. He let it steep there until it was appropriately softened.

Christy Dukitsch

Then he laid it at Dukitsch's feet.


An astonished Dukitsch had no choice but to comply. And so the strangest game of fetch began - an obsession that Huey would only build upon, sometimes dragging several sopping Q-tips to his best friend's feet.

"He goes mental when he sees them," Dukitsch says. "If I show him them, he purrs and gets excited."

Christy Dukitsch

But as it turns out, Huey isn't the only cat with this strange addiction.

Walter White, another former shelter cat in Toronto, takes it even further.

He creeps into his owner's bathroom, opens the medicine cabinet and helps himself to the Q-tips.

Walter White helps himself to the cotton swabs. | Melanie Orfus

Arts and crafts? Ear cleaning? The perfect mousetrap?

Melanie Orfus

"Walter generally just bats the Q-tip around with his paws, chews the cotton off and loses them under the furniture," his owner, Melanie Orfus, tells The Dodo. "Then he gets some more."

Melanie Orfus

Orfus' home is a testament to the cat's mania for Q-tips.

"Sometimes I find them in my bed, in the couch, and, once, even in the cupboards," she says.

And you will know Walter by the trail of Q-tips he leaves in his wake.

Melanie Orfus

"Despite his mischievous ways, Walter is very shy," she explains. "His favorite hiding spots are in my kitchen cupboards, which he opens himself, and behind the stove."

Walytter White in one of his favorite places | Melanie Orfus

"He basically sleeps all day long under my covers in my bed," she adds. "About 7 p.m., he will emerge and begin his quirky evening routines, like fetching Q-tips, begging to be held by me like a baby, or bugging his older brother, Puffy."

Walter and Puffy | Melanie Orfus

We may never know why cats like Huey and Walter White prefer a Q-tip to catnip. But we do know every cat has his own wonderful weirdness just waiting to be unleashed on the world.

Some are just a little weirder than others.

Huey and his enigmatic smile | Christy Dukitsch

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