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Cats Caught On Camera Trying To Break Into Owners’ Computers

Our cat overlords may have finally slipped up.

A couple of months ago, someone on Reddit posted this seemingly innocuous message:

"My laptop is set up to take a picture after 3 incorrect password attempts," the post read. "I just got a text alert on my phone with this image attached."

But it was the photo of the suspected hacker that raised eyebrows.

Maybe it was just an innocent mistake. Maybe the cat was just casually scampering across the keyboard of an open laptop ... THREE times.

Or maybe we finally caught a glimpse of the intricate global network that is the New Cat Order.

While we can't vouch for the veracity of these cat hackers - the Reddit post offers scant details - we do know that computers can snap a picture automatically after a few misfired password attempts.

And we know this isn't the first time a cat has been caught in the act. Back in 2013, another Reddit user posted about an uncannily similar experience.

"My laptop snaps a photo of the person that wakes up my computer," Spunwasi wrote.

And the intruder?

The world didn't seem to pay much attention to that post, maybe shrugging it off as a bizarre coincidence. Or maybe someone did a really good job of covering up the story.

But let's face it, no one would put it past cats - who have been caught on camera doing downright impossible things a few times.

Or just looking like they can do impossible things.


NOTE: This story was not written by a cat.