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14 Cats Whose Favorite Pillow Happens To Be A Dog

1. "My, this giant white pile of fluff is perfect for napping!"

Reddit: yummie4mytummie

2. "He's JUST my size!"

Reddit: NotMyRealName14

3. "Yes, this is MY furry throne."

Reddit: inospeakenglish

4. "Sorry, Dog - your butt is too comfy for me to move."


5. "Two dogs equal one fluffy king-size bed, all for me."

Reddit: Kedrico

6. "You are my cinnamon bun of warmth, Dog."

Reddit: swedishfrog

7. "Ah, yes. This is a lovely cat nest indeed."

Reddit: StoneFox1227

8. "Dog? This isn't a dog. This is a giant, funny-smelling pillow."

Reddit: izissmile

9. "You're just chubby enough to make a perfectly soft mattress."

Reddit: xelawarrior

10. "This is the Kitten Fort. We happen to meet on top of a dog."

11. "This is my noble steed. You might know him as the dog."

Reddit: Wiiansym

12. "Don't move, Dog. I just found the perfect spot."

Reddit: Kedrico

13. "Not only is he snuggly, but he makes the perfect hiding spot!"

Reddit: TecK415

14. "You will be my pillow, Dog. Or else."

Reddit: Logic 007

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