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Cats Who Miss Their Owners Just As Much As Dogs Do

Dogs are famous for their loyalty, but if you look around, it's easy to find cats who are just as attached to their human companions.

In a post titled "It has never been harder to leave my apartment," Reddit user jesklash recently documented one such feline's heartbreaking daily routine.

"Stage 1: Wait by door," wrote the pet owner. "Stage 2: Hold door open."

"Stage 3: Make humans weep."

Door holding, however, is but one weapon in the lonesome cat's arsenal of emotional manipulation.

Other effective strategies for melting human hearts include sad waving ...

... sad meowing ...

... and (for the more athletically-inclined kitty) not-so-sad arm leaping.

Back in September, animal behaviorists in Britain published a paper suggesting cats were merely irritated when their owners were gone, unlike dogs, who showed a number of distress signs when separated from their humans.

For these cats, at least, that sure doesn't seem to be the case.