9 Cats Who Aren't Sure What To Think About The New Puppy

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1. "Everything the light touches is mine. Got it?"

(Reddit: Malachi_-_Contsant)

2. "So ... what are you supposed to be?"

(Reddit: bedbuddy)

3. "I'M supposed to be the fuzzy, cute one in this household."

(Reddit: kixu6964)

4. "You have severely miscalculated my affections, Dog."

(Reddit: filthy_assistant)

5. "That is the UGLIEST cat I've ever seen!"

(Reddit: WildcatAbroad)

6. "YOU aren't the stair-keeper, I'M the stair-keeper!"

(Reddit: Revision123)

7. "Um, WHO do you think you are, stinking up my couch?"

(Reddit: enigmatic-dr-scully)

8. "The Human seems to have left us with this strange, fuzzy alien baby."

(Reddit: panda_nectar)

9. "Great. I guess this is my life now."

(Reddit: Chiaraaa)