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13 Truths All Cat Owners Who Live In Apartments Know

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Cat parents who live in small spaces know that there are just some things you have to accept when it comes to sharing an apartment with your kitty.

Your cat will find the one patch of sun in your tiny apartment. And then monopolize it.

You have to be pretty creative when it comes to hiding the litter box.

Like, really creative.

No matter how small your apartment is, your cat will manage to find an impossible hiding spot.

And even when you think you know all of his favorite spots, he'll find a new one.

They're sure to wake you up in the middle of the night with their weird nighttime activities.

Living in an apartment means your cat is probably not used to stairs.

Your downstairs neighbors definitely don't appreciate laser pointer playtime.


You only have one bathroom and your cat is always in it.

Your cat is constantly mesmerized by whatever is happening outside.

But he gets scared whenever he hears a loud noise on the street.

There's cat hair absolutely everywhere.

But you put up with everything because despite it all, your cat is the best roommate ever.

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