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Cat's guide: How to be a majestic head of household

Hi, I'm Jonášek.

I'm growing fast and I'm slowly becoming the most important member of our family. I believe it's due to my cattitude so I've created a list of 7 most important points how to be a majestic head / cat of household (considering of course that every cat is already a majestic tiger)!

And here is the list:
1. Right cattitude is essential 2. Beware of intruders 3. Vent an anger on Blue Giraffe toy (https://youtu.be/iopdN86vyCE)

4. Do not co-operate too much (when your human films a video of you)

5. Apply majestic sphynx posture 6. Pay attention to your human 7. Be cuddly as much as possible Sincerely, Your loving Jonasek [My world = your funnier day]

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