The 8 Types Of Cats Everybody Meets In Life

1. The Lurker

This feline is the ultimate ninja: rarely seen or heard, save for the occasional paw poking out from under the sofa.

2. The Smotherer

This cat's goal in life is to be in your face, snuggling you at all times. Whether or not you can actually breathe is of little concern to him.

3. The Moocher

This cat is interested in your treats but couldn't care less about your sparkling personality. Sometimes he doesn't even bother asking and just helps himself to your snack. Don't be offended. This kitty just has his priorities straight.

4. The Dog In Disguise

This cat has no qualms with fetching, belly rubs or waiting excitedly at the door for you when you return home from work. Bonus: no barking!

5. The Sausage

Ah, the cat who is perpetually sleeping. It doesn't matter what is happening, or how tantalizingly you scratch her ears - you will not rouse this feline from her slumber. Unless, maybe, there are treats involved.

6. The Sculpture

Though very cute to behold, the mantra with this cat is LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH. This is the kitty who exclusively snuggles up to the friend with the cat allergy.

7. The Ball of Energy

This cat is an impish furry fairy, darting around the house and causing mischief everywhere. The laser pointer is his ultimate indulgence. Though some playtime scratches are usually inevitable, this cat is still a softie - but would much rather pounce than cuddle!

8. The Human Feline

This cat is definitely not a cat. He sits like a human, looks around with total awareness and somehow manages to convey humans' favorite emotions: apathy and disdain. This feline is proof that cats will eventually take over the world.