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13 Reasons Cats Are Basically Magic

1. All cats are born with innate ninja abilities.

Reddit: LaughsTwice

2. They are the sneakiest of thieves, with no remorse.

Reddit: Josh_Lyman

Reddit: Josh_Lyman

3. Felines are experts at hiding from you - well, sort of.

Reddit: johnnyzhivago

4. Unbeknownst to many, cats can become liquid.

Reddit: algorithmic4

Reddit: algorithmic4

5. They can morph into entirely new creatures whenever they feel like it.

Reddit: aannnnaabanana

6. Cats can (and will) fit into any box, anywhere.

Reddit: FranktheDork | Reddit: FranktheDork

7. To cats, gravity means nothing.

Reddit: redepe | Reddit: redepe

8. They don't need to abide by your napping rules.

Reddit: droidkaran

9. Maybe they can even see through walls?

Reddit: Mjeck

10. Doors cannot contain them, because cats are masters of escape.



11. They can earn respect from creatures twice their size.

Reddit: raybanpat

12. When needed, cats can bend the laws of physics to their own will.



13. Most important, cats are effortlessly cooler than pretty much everyone.


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