Cats Who Can't Walk Still Love To 'Run' Around Together

They could spend all day playing — and are looking for a new home together.

When Mohawk and Paddywhack were found dumped in a cardboard box, their rescuers figured the cats had lost movement in their back legs because of their cruel confinement.

They were rushed to an emergency clinic right after the box was found in a park in Toronto, Canada.

"It was assumed that at that point that maybe their deformities were actually injuries," Heather Brown, executive director of Toronto Cat Rescue, tells The Dodo.

X-rays told a different story. Mohawk and Paddywhack were born with a deformity that left their back legs paralyzed.

But Brown didn't need an X-ray to see these cats had long learned to live with their condition.

Toronto Cat Rescue

"That was pretty much five minutes after arriving at my house," Brown says of a clip she posted to Facebook showing the cats at play.

Toronto Cat Rescue

"They are great little cats," Brown says. "Once you get used to it, you barely see the deformity. "They're just regular cats. They love to chase each other around. They're really good buddies."

Toronto Cat Rescue

And they're looking for a home together.

Mohawk and Paddywhack have been in foster care since May, long enough for their rescuers to realize nothing stops them from being cats.

Toronto Cat Rescue

"We spent a couple of months just monitoring their quality of life, seeing how well they were able to negotiate a home, stairs, litterbox, all of that stuff. And how happy they were," Brown says.

Toronto Cat Rescue

Think you might like to give Mohawk and Paddywhack a place to tear it up together for the rest of their lives? Fill out an adoption application here.

Paddywhack and Mohawk are just two of the 3,000 or so animals saved by Toronto Cat Rescue every year. If you would to help support the group's mission, consider making a donation.