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Cats Who Have No Idea How They Got Into These Awkward Holiday Photos

The holidays are glimmering on the horizon in their tinselly terrifying brilliance. And that means holiday photos are coming.

While we may know what to anticipate, the cats who find themselves plonked down in the middle of a holiday photo shoot just don't know what hit them.

There are the amateur photos, wherein cats who are lovingly left alone for most of the year are TOTALLY betrayed and find themselves costumed before a camera.

Posing with people and other animals made of plastic ...

... they simply have no idea how they landed in these chintzy glamour shots ...

... and these not-so-glamour shots.

Others find themselves inside - who knows how - a stock photo shoot, wherein the people are basically made of plastic and the entire world behind them has disappeared.



There are just no words for how terrifying some of these are.



No. Words.



Sometimes, people dress up their cat and then abandon them before the harsh camera lens. The cat can only watch the human he thought he knew better snap pictures of him. There is simply NO WAY OUT.


Other times cats find each other clinging to their last shred of sanity before the hostile glare of holiday twinkle lights.


Everyone compromises around the holidays. But cats?

They'd probably rather do the holidays their own way ... by diving into the high branches of the spruce you hauled home.


The best option for involving your cat in the festivities? Human reenactments of cats photographed in all their natural glory:

That's a holiday compromise that's pretty much good for everyone.

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