Cat With Huge Eyes Looks VERY Concerned About Everything

"I quickly realized that he was born special."

Even when Herman the cat was just a baby, he looked very different from kittens his age. He was always much smaller, and his eyes were always much bigger.

Now 6 months old, Herman still has his huge eyes, and looks constantly concerned about absolutely everything.

"I quickly realized that he was born special by having a somewhat peculiar look with his very big eyes," Shirley Nordenskiold, Herman's mom, told The Dodo. "He had that certain look of being surprised or scared all the time."

Despite his unusual appearance, Herman is completely happy and has no health issues.

Herman constantly looks like he's carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders ...

... and frankly, it's adorable.

Herman seems to really only have two different expressions: concerned ...

... and VERY concerned.

Despite his expression, though, Herman is actually an incredibly happy, social cat.

"Herman is astonishingly social with humans," Nordenskiold said. "When I move from room to room in my apartment, Herman is always following me around. You are never in doubt when Herman is not getting enough attention. He will either start meowing or tap me lightly with his paws."

Herman also grunts when he's excited and snores loudly when he sleeps. He's incredibly good at making his presence known, as if his face didn't do that enough already.

Herman's eyes are so big, in fact, that when he sleeps he always keeps them slightly open.

Herman is an incredibly unique cat, and he knows it - and he's not at all afraid to show it off.