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Cat Really Loves Taking Showers In The Kitchen Sink

Nothing to see here. Just a cat. Taking a cold shower.

In a clip posted to Facebook earlier this month, a cat hangs his head not once but a few times under a kitchen tap.


Despite popular wisdom - and miles of YouTube footage showing cats losing their marbles around water - this cat isn't actually broken.

Not every cat hates water. The Turkish Van, an ancient Asian breed, is a natural aquatics ace right down to his patented water-resistant coat. Here's a Turkish Van in action:

Facebook/Cats The Musical

There are a few obvious reasons why a cat may not be into water. Their coats, for example, get very heavy when drenched. And cats, even though they have higher body temperatures than humans, don't like to get cold.

One interesting theory suggests house cats have been coddled for so many thousands of years by their human underlings, they haven't had to adapt to water.

After all, big cats in the wild, having had to experience water naturally, are known to bathe and swim and generally not completely lose their minds in the rain. But then again, humans are also prone to coddling their dogs. And dogs are know to really get into water.

Of course, why this house cat is so particularly fascinated by tap water is all speculation. Let's face it: Theorizing on feline logic can be exhausting.

Unless, of course, you understand that cats like to mess with humans whenever they can. So, just when we thought we could most definitely say that CATS DO NOT LIKE WATER ...

... this cat comes along and throws it all underwater.

Watch the full clip of the faucet-loving cat below: