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Cat Loves To Watch Over Baby ... Very, Very Closely

Pitocha the cat is always there for his favorite baby. No, seriously - he's right there.

"Animalilo," a French veterinarian, adopted Pitocha with her husband when the cat was 3 months old. Now, Pitocha is 8 years old and he runs the place.

"He is a really great guardian for our house," Animalilo, who prefers to keep her full name private, told The Dodo. "He is the kind of cat that growls after the mailman or the garbage collector when he looks through the window."

During each of Animalilo's two pregnancies, Pitocha slept close to her belly. "It was very nice," Animalilo said.

Now, Pitocha has transferred his protective spirit to the new baby - which has led to some truly incredible photo ops.

"He abandoned me for my babies after the births," Animalilo said. Hey, that might not be so bad - free babysitter?

One thing's for sure: No one will dream of bothering this baby when Pitocha is around.

Follow Pitocha and his friends on Instagram: animalilo/">@animalilo.

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