Cat Takes On Alligator In Heart-Pounding Video

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Cats don't like to take a lot of shit. If you ask them, they're the ones who rule the household, the backyard, the world, etc. Even something super scary and imposing - like say, an alligator - might not phase a cat. Cats are pretty badass.

In fact, we have have found the most badass cat of all in an incredible 2014 video. This guy wanders next to a swampy area where a whole bunch of alligators are just hanging out, and instead of keeping a safe distance ... he walks right up to one of the toothy animals.

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People watching and filming immediately start freaking out, yelling things like, "Get the cat away," and "Oh no, the kitty!" Cat was not phased though. After all, everyone doubted Hercules at first, too.

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Just when it looked like all hope might be lost ... the cat lunges at the alligator, and the alligator FREAKS OUT and retreats back to the water.

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Everyone starts cheering and so naturally, the brave cat ... plops down. Nothing to see here. He didn't just take on an alligator and WIN, or anything.

As the video winds down, a woman in the background says, "Cats are awesome." Truer words have ever been spoken.