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Sleeping Cat Doesn't Care, Uses Other Sleeping Cat As A Pillow

As creatures who seem to love nothing more than catching some shuteye, cats really have turned being cozy and comfortable into a relaxation artform: the catnap. In fact, felines' penchant for dozing is so overwhelmingly strong, they manage to sleep despite resting in the most bizarre and awkward positions.

The cat in this oddly soothing video, however, has found just the thing to make his slumber even more pleasant and satisfying - using a fellow cat as a pillow.

Cats snooze about 15 hours a day on average, but it's not because they're lazy. Despite being so sweet and domestic, house cats have retained a sleep cycle similar to that of their counterparts in the wild.

"Cats have the physiology of a predator, meaning that they're hardwired to give chase and hunt -mainly at night," writes PetMD. "Large cats such as lions have a similar pattern of sleeping during the day and hunting at night. Although they have been domesticated for the most part, housecats still retain that wild streak."