Cat Travels Miles To Reunite With Owner Who Had Reluctantly Given Him Away

Before moving to a new home on a busy street, Jill Roberson made the difficult decision to find a better living situation for her pet, an outdoor cat named Mayhem. Jill found a couple on a farm six miles away who offered to adopt the cat, giving him plenty of room to safely roam without the dangers of traffic.

But Mayhem, on the other hand, apparently wasn't keen on parting ways.

About three weeks later, while sitting on the porch of her new house in Rutherfordton, North Carolina, Jill was surprised to hear a familiar meowing sound in the distance. And sure enough, it was the cat she had reluctantly given away.

"I walked over to the fence and called to him because I couldn't see anything, and he come bounding under the fence and I have been in shock ever since."

Amazingly, somehow Mayhem had found her, despite having never been to the home before.

"It is just a miracle to me," says Jill.

Jill then called the couple who had adopted Mayhem, only to discover that he hadn't been seen for a few days. The cat looked rather dirty and thin, suggesting that the six mile journey to reunite with his original owner was not an easy one -- but it was successful.

Cats have been known to find their way back home over long distances before, but the fact that Mayhem found her in an place unfamiliar to him has everyone involved scratching their heads.

"Given this particular situation, absolutely, it defies all logic," says veterinarian Kimberley Lednum to news station WBTW.

For all his efforts in finding her, Jill made the only sensible decision -- to welcome the cat she had given away back into her life, though now he'll be spending most of his time indoors together.

"It just confirms that pets have feelings," says Jill. "We loved him, but we didn't realize he loved us that much, that he would track us down."