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All This Cat Wants To Do Is Sit On The Couch Like A Person

When people leave the room, he meows for them to come back.

Little Chairman Mao likes to sit a very certain way.

His owner, Mia Santos, says that rather than approaching her, Mao simply "meows to remind you he's in the other room and too lazy to come to you when he starts to get lonely."

He also cries at 5 a.m. every morning to remind Santos to feed him.

But he has a soft side, too. On his terms, of course.

"He is very social and friendly for a feline," Santos tells The Dodo. "When we get visitors, he doesn't shy away from greeting you at the door or coming to you for pats and ear scratches."

"He likes being the life of the party," she adds. "His favorite pastimes are play-fighting, napping, chin and ear scratches ... and foodies."

"Sometimes, he even sighs heavily when he's bored of your conversation and wants to be noticed," Santos adds.

Santos says his signature sitting style is not actually that unusual.

"This is usually how you'll find him and is actually a fairly common sitting position amongst the Scottish fold breed, although not all do it as often or, in my personal opinion, as well as Mao does," she says.

Indeed, Mao likes to do everything a cat would do. Only with his own unique twist. Take, for example, the peculiar way he turns his head around - without actually moving his body.

"I call this 'owling,'" Santos says. "When Mao does this, he's 'owling' you because he's too lazy to turn himself to your direction, but wants to keep an eye on you."

"He doesn't purr like other cats," Santos adds. "His breathing literally intensifies when you're having a good cuddle session with him. He also snores in his sleep, but he'll never admit to it."

It all adds up to a cat unlike any other - a cat who didn't found a nation like the man he was named after, but rather his own private kingdom.

"He is my spirit animal, fur baby and best friend rolled in one," Santos says.

You can follow Little Chairman Mao's adventures on Instagram.