Cat Shot Through Head With Arrow Makes Miracle Recovery

When Lionel's family let him outside to play at his home in Birmingham, England, one morning, they assumed he'd be fine - until a neighbor alerted them that something was terribly wrong.

Lionel was roaming around with an arrow that had been shot through his head. Somehow he was still alive, but needed medical attention right away.

Lionel's heartbroken family took him to the Lydon Veterinary Center, where it was determined that the arrow could be removed. "This is one of the worst cases of cruelty I have seen, a cat 'shot' with an arrow," Rory Lydon, owner of the vet practice, wrote on the practice's Facebook page.

An X-ray showed the trajectory of the arrow through Lionel's head. If the arrow had hit only slightly lower or gone through his eye, Lionel would have died.

The brave cat survived the surgery, and was sent home with his family to rest and recover. But no one has any idea who shot him in the first place.

"Please circulate this post as the person who fired the arrow needs to be caught and prosecuted," Lydon wrote.

Lionel is, sadly, not the first cat to be shot in the head with an arrow. A cat named Tiger last year was shot and killed by a veterinarian who bragged about the whole ordeal on Facebook. People were so touched by his story that they honored him with a memorial.

If you have any info about who shot Lionel, you can contact the Lydon Veterinary Center.