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Kitten Meets Little Bug, Totally Loses Her Sh*t

Jujuba the kitten is a VERY spirited little gal, and really loves everything about life ... but when she encountered an ant for the first time, she sort of lost her cool.

She was just hanging out when the tiny insect came crawling along. Naturally she wanted to check it out, and promised herself that she'd stay calm ...

... but, of course, she TOTALLY did not.

The tiny kitten COMPLETELY freaked out when she tried to say hello to the bug, which honestly isn't that surprising.

Jujuba tends to have strong reactions to ... well, everything.

The second time she encountered a bug, Jujuba was DETERMINED to keep cool this time. And ... she 100 percent did not.

Ah well, some people are just super excitable. The plus side? Every time she gets overexcited or freaks out, it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.