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Cat Who Went Missing 8 Years Ago Lovingly Reunited With Her Family

"Who's that?" a woman from the Marin Humane Society asks an orange tabby, "Is that your mom?"

After 8 long years, a cat, who was last seen by Nancy and Stephen Payne when she was just a kitten, was reunited with the people who had given up any hope that they'd find her.

"You were just a baby when you ran away," Nancy Payne whispers to the orange tabby as she takes her in her arms.

A California man had been feeding the stray when he decided to take her in for a check up at the local shelter. People at the shelter were surprised to discover a microchip on the cat.

Her name was Ginger and she was from right there in Novato, California. No one knows where, exactly, Ginger spent the last eight years.

On Wednesday, the Paynes came to, at long last, take Ginger home.