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Cat Loves To Spoon With Her Brand-New Rescue Bunny

When a concerned family came across an abandoned 2-week-old bunny, they knew they had to help her. Everyone in the family did his or her part - even the family cat.

When the family's cat met the bunny, she was immediately VERY protective of her ...

YouTube/Rumble Viral

... and always made sure she was nearby to keep an eye on her.

While the family fed the bunny milk, the cat did her part to make sure her new friend felt right at home.

YouTube/Rumble Viral

Eventually, the cat became very cuddly with the little bunny ...

YouTube/Rumble Viral

... and the tiny bunny cuddled the cat right back.

It's clear that the cat makes this tiny rescue bunny feel safe and loved, and these newfound best friends have each other's backs.

Check out the full video of this sweet friendship below:

While this interaction's certainly cute, just remember that it's often illegal to keep wildlife and, in most cases, baby bunnies don't need your help. To find out more, click here.