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Cat Was Enjoying A Snack When Suddenly — CUCUMBERS

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It's no secret that cats are cool. And, as the expression goes, cucumbers are as well. Yet interestingly, when the two come together, the reaction can be quite explosive. Just watch as this chill white kitty, perfectly calm and composed one minute, has the most surprising reaction upon seeing the slender green fruit on the floor behind her.

Cucumbers: 1, Cat: 0.

While the cat was obviously never in any danger from the sneaky cucumbers, the harmless prank probably caused her a bit more of a scare than her owners were expecting - so we'll have to recommend cucumbers remain where they belong: in salads.

Fortunately, judging from other clips of the easily-startled feline uploaded to YouTube, her life is normally a bit more tranquil, or shall we say, cool.