Bouncy, Pouncy Kitten Is The Goalie Every Soccer Team Dreams Of

<p> <a href="" target="_blank">YouTube/Gil Dism</a> </p>

I'm a terribly uncoordinated person. Sports have simply never been my thing. If a ball comes flying at my head, my first instinct is to duck for cover, NOT try to come in contact with it. Most people seem to be more sporty than me - apparently, even cats.

A family started throwing soccer balls at their cat one day and realized he did more than just playfully bat at them.

As soon as a soccer ball goes hurtling toward the goal, this cat is there to try and stop it - and does so, every time.

YouTube/Gil Dism

Each time a ball comes near the goal, the cat leaps into action and is like "No WAY. Not on MY watch!" I bet even David Beckham would have trouble getting a goal past this cat.

YouTube/Gil Dism

Keep on practicing, cat. One of these days, someone will notice your talent and whisk you away to play with the professionals.

Check out the full video of this fierce soccer playing cat below!

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