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Cat Is Very, Very Suspicious Of His Life-Size Wooden Replica

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Japanese artist Mio Hashimoto has earned plenty of praise for her remarkable wood carvings of animals, but there's one critic who appears to be rather unappreciative of her talent - her very own pet, and occasional muse, an orange and white cat named Muu-chan.

Hashimoto recently tweeted this photo of her latest creation, a handcrafted sculpture of the handsome cat himself. Muu-chan, however, doesn't seem so thrilled with the work, gazing suspiciously at his knotty doppelgänger from the safety of the kitchen doorway.

Muu-chan might not be grateful for having been immortalized in wood, though his wariness about the replica could be taken as the highest compliment. Hashimoto clearly strives for realism in her work, which she's achieved so well it apparently fooled her cat - almost like it was his reflection in a mirror.

But the uneasy kitty apparently doesn't feel the same way about Hashimoto's smaller works of art.

The artist's dog, meanwhile, appears to have no problem with the life-size wooden replicas Hashimoto made of him.

(Facebook/Mio Hashimoto)

Dogs and cats aren't the only subjects of Hashimoto's work. The skilled artisan has carved a whole host of animals in exquisitely life-like detail. To learn more about her work and to see other fine examples of her wood-carved creatures, visit her website here.