Cat Ultimately Regrets Butting In On Moose Family Moment

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It seems as though it's in the nature of our fine feline friends to assume any and all situations would be greatly improved by their gracious presence. But while that's certainly true in many circumstances, others are special enough already without need for a kitty interruption.

That's a lesson Ginger the cat may need some brushing up on.

The long-haired house cat recently tried to insert herself into a sweet little scene taking place in her backyard in Alaska. There, a mother moose and her wobbly young calf were enjoying a peaceful family moment on the grass when Ginger approached, stalking-style, before planting herself down a bit too close for comfort. The reception was less than welcoming.

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"I honestly have no idea where she got her brave streak," Ginger's human Tammy Simpson told Alaska Dispatch News. "Since about two years ago, she's been approaching moose and sandhill cranes each summer. I'm sure it was something to do with the wildlife literally being in our backyard."

That's right. This isn't the first time Ginger has crashed an animal party. In fact, Simpson has set up a YouTube account, Ginger Meets Wildlife, dedicated to the misadventures of her too-friendly cat. Fortunately, none of the animals she encounters seem to take her too seriously.

Here's Ginger meeting another moose family in 2013, once again lacking a graceful exit.

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