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Cat Now Realizes He's Made A HUGE Mistake

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Life is full of tough to answer questions, but "Should I go sniff that bee over there?" isn't one of them.

"No" is always the answer.

Unfortunately, that's a bit of wisdom this cat had to learn the hard way. Reddit-user marklyon recently shared a photo of the too-curious kitty after he had a "losing battle" with one of those stinging pollinators - an unpleasant run-in which left him with a swollen nose (and, from the looks of it, a deflated ego).

We're happy to report that this cat is now OK, but his painful lesson comes with an important reminder to other pet owners.

If your pet gets stung by a bee, experts recommend carefully removing the stinger as soon as possible and immediately contacting your veterinarian for advice on what to do next in case - bearing in mind that bee stings can be deadly to pets.