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Mailman Gets Attacked By An Angry ... Cat

The battle lines between the man who brings the mail and the cat who hates the mail are drawn at a small unassuming slot in the door.

That's where a mailman valiantly tries to insert the day's correspondence. And where the cat who lives there will dice his ass if he tries to slip one more piece of mail into that slot.

Judging by the video, which was posted to YouTube back in 2014, it's an age-old struggle - one that the mailman has waged again and again in his ongoing mission to deliver the goods.

It starts off ominously as the delivery man approaches the doorstep.

"Kitty cat ready to do battle," the man says.

There's kitty, lounging in the window, licking his paws with the casual kind of menace cats do so well.

It's on.

Suddenly, kitty's no longer in the window. He's on the other side of that slot.

Mailman inserts what looks to be leaflet.

Kitten flashes the claw: Junk mail?! Are you f^%king kidding me?

YouTube/Lucky Eleven

And yet our battle-worn mail carrier perseveres.

YouTube/Lucky Eleven

One by one, with painstaking determination, the mailman gets his delivery through that slot.

YouTube/Lucky Eleven

Is that all you've got for me?!

Well, yes. At least for today. But tomorrow, we have little doubt this furious feud will begin anew. As it has always been and as it shall always be. Godspeed, brave mailman.