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Adventurous Cat Loves Swimming In The Sea With His Mom

He's not at all afraid of getting wet 😻 💦

It's a widely accepted fact that most cats hate water. Of course, some cats don't shy away from it and don't mind getting a little wet every once in a while - but it seems no cat loves water quite as much as this guy.

Sumbul is a Persian cat who loves traveling and exploring with his mom. The pair lives in Turkey, and they love being outside ...

... discovering new places ...

... and meeting new friends.

Most of all, though, Sumbul loves doing something that most other cats would hate - he LOVES to swim.

That's right. Sumbul loves swimming and paddling around in the ocean, much to the shock and delight of everyone around him.

His love for the water definitely makes him one of the most adventurous cats around. After all, most cats won't even get into the bathtub, let alone the ocean!

Sumbul has had some adventures with snow, too ...

... but it seems warm, sunny days spent paddling around in the ocean are still his favorite.

You can follow Sumbul and all of his adventures on his Instagram account.