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Cat Doesn't Understand Why Chickens Are So Obsessed With Him

He loves posing for them all day long.

Meet Scruffles. Scruffles is a typical chubby cat. He likes to lounge around all day, get stuck in things - and he also has a bunch of pet chickens who LOVE watching him do nothing all day.

Scruffle's favorite spot in the world is right in front of the screen door leading into his backyard, where all his chickens like to hang out. The chickens are constantly standing at the door, looking in on Scruffles ...

... and so he poses for them every chance he gets.

Scruffles also likes hanging out with his chickens without glass between them in various places around his house ...

... and in his backyard ...

... but he still prefers to have them as his audience for his adorable posing shows.

Scruffles also has some cat siblings who he likes hanging out with, too ...

... and they love causing mischief when they're not busy watching the chickens.

Scruffles definitely thinks he's the chicken king ...

... but really, they're probably just watching him to try and figure out what on Earth he's doing.

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