Cat Loves Dad So Much He Follows Him Everywhere

A cynic might suggest this man washes his hair with a catnip-infused shampoo.

We prefer the obvious: This cat is in love. And he isn't afraid to show it.

This is a love so deep and pure that the cat really doesn't care that his human friend is busy working in the garden. Weed-whacking, seed-planting, garden-mucking? None of that will stop this feline from giving affection.

Facebook/Silvia Saca

We don't know much about this video - it was posted on Facebook by Silvia Saca of Moldova back in 2013 - except that it speaks of love in a time of coriander. Or cauliflower. Or whatever this man is so earnestly harvesting. And his patience for his most adoring of fans appears infinite.

Facebook/Silvia Saca

He just wants to get some gardening done. Kitty, on the other hand, is frolicking in his own kind of vegetation - the follicular foliage of his owner's head.

And, really, the video demonstrates an important tenet of any relationship: Even when you're busy, you have to make time for those you love.

Watch the full video below: