Cat Is Not Relaxed By 'Relaxing Music For Cats'

There is no shortage of hours-long clips on YouTube featuring music which boldly claims to put anxious cats at ease - often lilting little synth tunes with titles like "Relaxing music for cats." But do they really work?

Well, clearly not on Boo. Rather than calm this cat's nerves, the music actually - well, you'll see.

Nesrin Erhan, who rescued Boo as a stray on the streets of Turkey with her husband, says she's as surprised as anyone over her cat's apparent hatred for the feline-centric music.

"Actually, he's a very calm cat. A calm, fat, sleepy cat," Erhan told The Dodo. "But when we try this 'calming music' he gets mad. We first tried this on our TV. We just played it for fun and wanted to see what was going to happen. Boo was sleeping on the couch, and he suddenly opened his eyes and attacked the screen."

They decided to test it out again later. Boo's reaction was the same.

Nesrin Erhan

"He tried to bite us, but his 'bites' are so gentle," said Erhan. "He knows where to stop."

Thankfully, so does Boo's parent.

"No more relaxing sounds," she said.

Nesrin Erhan

Cats, like the rest of us, have different tastes in what they enjoy - and while many commenters on videos of relaxing music for cats say it works, others say their pets hate it too.

Indeed, the results are mixed ...

... so proceed with caution.