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Cat With Only Half A Head Just Wants Someone To Love Her

Just because someone is physically different doesn't mean her heart has any less love to give.

A sweet cat named Holly is looking for a home after undergoing extensive surgery - in which a part of her head was removed. Holly was brought to the Llys Nini Animal Centre in England after a concerned citizen found her with matted fur, an ear infection and scabs all over her face.

Llys Nini Animal Centre

"Holly, who is believed to be around 11 years old, was first taken to the center as a stray," Gary Weeks, the manager at the Llys Nini Animal Centre, told The Dodo.

After being examined, it was discovered that Holly had a huge mass on one of her ears, which was later determined to be cancerous.

It took over a month to remove the mass, and eventually left Holly looking a little different - but completely cancer-free. Now, the senior cat needs just one thing: a forever home.

Llys Nini Animal Centre

Holly would do best as the only pet in her potential family, but has no other special requirements - only love.

"We are hopeful the right person with the right home will come forward - we specialize in happy endings," a staff member from the Llys Nini Animal Centre told The Dodo.

If you are in the U.K. and would be interested in adopting Holly, you can email the Llys Nini Animal Centre at info@rspca-llysnini.org.uk.