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Kitten Couldn't Walk, So People Figured Out A Way

Time was running out for a just-days-old kitten now named Tiny Tim.

He and his stray siblings were to be euthanized at Horry County Animal Care Center (HCACC) in Conway, South Carolina - but then the first miracle happened.

People from an animal rescue organization, Friends of the HCACC, swooped in to help the whole family.

But Tiny Tim, they soon realized, was a little different than the others. His back legs were totally limp.

"When you see a little animal like him who has a special need, sometimes people have a misconception about that," volunteer Cathy Salmons told KCTV news. "This is a happy little kitten. He deserves every chance to live."

Then, an "experimental learning collective in Myrtle Beach for hackers, hackers, computer enthusiasts, etc." swooped in - that's when the second miracle occurred.

This group of techies were determined to build a little machine to get Tiny Tim moving again.

This week, the tech group, SubProto, helped Tiny Tim into his very own wheelchair for the first time.

It's certainly a miracle fit for the season.

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