Cat Found In Donated Sofa After Hiding Between Cushions For 5 Days

A sneaky cat has returned home to his owners after taking an unconventional trip out of the house -- via an old four-seater sofa. Pauline and Bill Lowe, a couple from Essex, went on a frantic search last week to find their ten-year-old cat, Crockett, who disappeared for the first time just as the pair decided to donate their living room furniture. Without his owners realizing it, Crockett had snuck in between the couch cushions and remained there for five days -- after the couch had been taken away and purchased by another family.

"We can't believe how he must have tucked himself into the inside of the sofa during the short time the bottom had been removed," said Pauline Lowe, according to the Daily Mirror. "[He] remained silent for so long."

Crockett hid inside the sofa for four whole days while it remained on the shop floor, surrounded by prospective buyers, at St. Luke's Hospice Charity in Grays, Essex. He stayed put even after the couch was hauled off to a new house, but finally the cat decided to make a noise. The couple who purchased the couch only noticed his presence after they heard their new furniture purring. They managed to get Crockett out from the bottom back of the couch and called the charity, which was able to get in touch with the Lowes. Shortly after, Crockett returned home.

"He is a lovely cat," Pauline said, "and we are delighted to have him back."