Cat Is Shocked To Find Proof Her Human Has Been Seeing Someone Else


Margot the cat, it seems, never saw it coming. I mean, sure, she might have had her suspicions — but now there's no denying it.

Her once faithful-seeming human has a new love in his life, and the proof is plain as day.

"Just started dating a girl after being single for a long time," Margot's owner, Reddit-user ThatBluBlockerGuy, wrote online. "My cat was transfixed by the first sight of a bobby pin."


As alarming as the discovery must have been for the jilted cat, she apparently wanted to make one thing clear to her two-timing companion: SHE KNOWS.

"I'm not sure how long she was looking at it," her owner told The Dodo. "I walked into my room and Margot was just sitting like that and I still had enough time to get my phone and take a picture. I guess I found it humorous because I haven't had a girl over in years and Margot seemed confused at first."

Then the pawing and biting began.


Admittedly, we were unable to chat with Margot about her true feelings on the matter, so there is a chance she's actually thrilled her human has a new girlfriend, and is just interested in playing with the bobby pin. But it's worth noting that cats are sometimes really not so welcoming of outsiders.

Here are a few handy tips on introducing pets to new people to make sure things don't start off on the wrong foot/paw.