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Cat Eases Boy's Jitters By Walking Him To And From School Each Day

Starting preschool off on the right foot can have a profound impact on a child's academic success, laying a crucial foundation that will shape the years of learning that lie ahead.

For 3-year-old William Dutton of the UK, however, embarking on this important first step in his education had become something that he dreaded -- that is, until a furry friend stepped in to offer him a supporting paw.

William's mother, Victoria, says that her son was having a rough go at school and was having a hard time fitting in. But then one day the family's cat Milly Moos, seeming to sense the boy's discomfort, began easing his jitters by joining him on his walk to and from school each day.

Since then, thanks to the cat's moral support, William's outlook has changed dramatically.

"He lost his anxiousness and enjoys going now," says Victoria.