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Cat Caught In The Act Has Tough Choice To Make

Usually when we catch our pets doing something they're not supposed to be doing, they're immediately filled with feelings of guilt. When this little kitten was caught in the act, though, she had a choice to make - be guilty, or be proud.

This kitten's owner found her sitting below a wrecked shower curtain, and there was no denying what she had done. The evidence was clear. She could either beg for forgiveness, or continue on her joyful rampage of destruction.

The kitten looked up at the chaos she had caused ...

... and decided that instead of feeling guilty, she would cause a little more.

In the end the kitten clearly decided that being sorry was just too much work, and continuing to destroy the shower curtain was WAY more fun anyway.

Not going to lie - I think she made the right choice.

She's bad to the bone, and feels pretty darn good about it.

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